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The Vital Role of a Professional Valuation for Antiques in 2024

Amidst the complexities of the modern economy, the true worth of antiques can often be obscured by subjective opinions, market volatility, and the proliferation of counterfeit items. In such a landscape, relying on unqualified assessments or outdated valuations can leave collectors and enthusiasts vulnerable to financial loss, legal disputes, and missed opportunities.

Unqualified assessments may inaccurately determine the value of antiques, leading to either overvaluation or undervaluation. Overvaluation can result in inflated expectations of an antique's worth, leading collectors to invest more than its actual market value. Conversely, undervaluation can result in missed opportunities for selling or insuring the antique at its true worth, leading to potential financial losses. Regular valuation updates ensure insurance coverage remains commensurate with current market values, empowering informed decisions about policy adjustments to optimise protection.

Inaccurate assessments can also lead to legal disputes, especially in cases involving the sale, purchase, or inheritance of valuable antiques. Disagreements over the true value of an antique can result in contentious legal battles between parties involved, such as heirs, beneficiaries, or buyers and sellers. Without reliable valuation documentation, resolving such disputes can be time-consuming, costly, and emotionally draining.

Outdated valuations may fail to reflect changes in market trends, demand, or appreciation rates over time. As a result, collectors may miss opportunities to capitalise on the increasing value of their antiques. Similarly, outdated valuations may hinder collectors from making informed decisions about purchasing or selling antiques in a timely manner, potentially missing out on favourable market conditions or lucrative investment opportunities.

Relying on unqualified assessments can damage the reputation of collectors within the antique community. Inaccurate valuations may lead to scepticism or distrust among peers, clients, or potential buyers, undermining credibility and integrity in the long run.

Professional valuation guards against such perils, offering authoritative evaluations grounded in expertise and ethical standards. Certified appraisers provide objective assessments, establishing a reliable benchmark for authenticity and value, thus instilling confidence in collectors and investors alike. In an era attuned to investment opportunities, accurate valuation is of paramount importance. Professional appraisers navigate the intricacies of markets, employing meticulous methodologies to ascertain true monetary worth.

In the realm of fine and decorative arts, Hannah Clayton Atkin is a name synonymous with expertise and trust. With more than twenty years of experience under her belt, Hannah has become a beacon of reliability in professional appraisal services. Her meticulous reports are highly regarded by insurance companies and law firms, trusted for claims, reassessments, and estate management alike.

Hannah's clients can rest assured knowing that they are in capable hands. Her commitment to meticulous accuracy and unwavering integrity shines through in every appraisal she conducts. Whether it's determining the value of a cherished heirloom or assessing the worth of a valuable collection, Hannah's reports provide a comprehensive and trustworthy assessment that clients can rely on.

As a certified appraiser under the Professional Appraisers Code of Conduct (PACC), Hannah upholds the highest ethical standards in her practice. Her dedication to transparency and fairness ensures that the interests of collectors and enthusiasts are safeguarded at every step of the appraisal process.

In a sector where trust and expertise are paramount, with her wealth of experience, unwavering commitment to accuracy, and steadfast adherence to ethical principles, Hannah remains a trusted authority for clients seeking reliable valuation services for their most treasured possessions.

Hannah can provide comprehensive written reports that offer valuations for a variety of circumstances including:


Probate (deceased estates) or estate planning

Equitable distribution

Sales advisory

Inventory and documentation

Hannah will work with you to determine the proper form of valuation and endeavour to meet the special requirements of any executor or other professional advisors.

Our charge is $132 (inc. GST) for the first hour and $88 (inc. GST) for each hour thereafter.

To enquire about valuation services, you can call us on 02 4303 0559 or email


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