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Podvan Podcast - The Collectors: "Your Dead Cat Is Not An Artefact"

In this special episode of the Podvan podcast, Rabbit dives deep into the fascinating world of collectors. Recorded right outside the Surf Life Saving Club at beautiful Umina Beach, the episode explores the fascinating stories and extraordinary collections of the passionate guests. In addition to the main features of the episode, our auctioneer Hannah was fortunate enough to have a quick interview with Rabbit before she had to dash off to the office. During the brief chat they touched on Hannah's personal experiences with collections in the auction world and she contributed to the naming of the episode!

Episode Highlights

Harrison's Back to the Future Memorabilia:

Harrison takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the 80s with his incredible collection of Back to the Future memorabilia. His prized possessions include a meticulously detailed 1:6 scale DeLorean and original movie props that transport listeners to the world of Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Harrison shares the stories behind his most coveted items and what inspired his lifelong passion for the iconic film trilogy.

Tammy's Kmart Sock Collection:

Tammy introduces us to her quirky and unique collection of Kmart socks, a hobby that started seven years ago and has since grown into an impressive and valuable assortment. She explains how her collection has tripled in value and the joy she finds in hunting for rare and limited-edition socks. Tammy's story highlights how even the most unconventional items can become treasured collectibles.

Joanne's Musical Instrument Collection:

Joanne's extensive collection of musical instruments is a testament to her deep love for music. Featuring rare and unusual items like a Harpejji and an Mbira, her collection is both diverse and fascinating. Joanne discusses her journey back to music for mental health, sharing how playing these instruments has brought her peace and joy. Her story underscores the therapeutic power of music and the emotional connections we form with our collections.

About the Podvan Podcast:

The Podvan podcast, hosted by the charismatic Rabbit, is a journey through the diverse and vibrant stories of everyday people. Broadcasting from a custom-fitted van, the podcast travels to various locations, capturing the essence of local culture and individual passions. Each episode features unique guests who share their personal stories, hobbies, and insights, creating a rich tapestry of human experiences.


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