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Crown of St Stephen Brooch

Central Coast auction Crowle Collection

This wonderful vintage costume brooch depicts the Crown of St Stephen, also known as the Holy Crown of Hungary.

The Holy Crown of Hungary was used for coronations from the 12th century up until 1916. It is an important piece of royal insignia composed of two parts: the diadem with 9 pendants and frontispieces ('Corona Graeca') covered by an upper band ('Corona Latina'), with a crooked cross on top.

After being buried in Buda Castle during World War II, the Hungarian Crown Guard passed the crown to the US Army for safekeeping from the Soviet Union. The crown was then held at the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox until it was returned to the people of Hungary, by the order of the U.S. President Jimmy Carter, on 6 January 1978.

The brooch will feature in our upcoming Antiques & Estates auction that opens on Saturday 6 August. All enquiries and to place commission bids on the books, please contact our auction admins at


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